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  • Why Do You Need To Arm Your Technology?

    If you're like most of the country, your technology is incredibly important to you. And it should be – today's mobile devices allow us to work, play, and interact with each other in ways never thought possible just a few decades ago. If you use any kind of smart device, you're already aware of just how important it is to keep it safe. Taking the initiative to arm your technology is a smart move, and one you won't' regret.

    Just what do we mean by 'arming' your technology? Essentially, we're talking about taking steps to protect it fully – place some armor on it that will help it stand up to whatever your day can throw at it. By combining things like ballistic glass and protective cases for active people, you'll be giving your phone or tablet protection whether you're rock climbing, running a marathon, or just accidentally let your 4 year old get ahold of your phone.

    But just why is it so important to take steps to arm your technology? There are a few obvious reasons for it.

    • Your investment is often something you rely on daily, and when it becomes damaged it's easy to end up struggling to get through your day – this is especially true if you use your phone or tablet for work. By protecting it, you'll ensure that you don't end up without the ability to work properly.
    • Did you know that a screen replacement alone can cost as much as $300, even with a warranty in place? By arming your tech, you'll be preventing future high costs from coming at you. The minor investment of protection can save you time, energy and money down the road.
    • You'll also protect your investment so you can get a solid return on it later. Phone and tablet resales are a big part of how many offset the costs of their next device purchase. The more damaged your device, the harder it is to get a good price during the resale. By arming your technology you'll be ensuring that you get top dollar when the time comes to sell.

    It doesn't take much to protect your phone or tablet, and with a couple of small purchases you'll give yourself peace of mind and give your phone protection. Check out our selection of items today to find out which ones are best for your devices.

  • Maximizing Resale Value Of Your Device

    Today's mobile devices are important to anyone who has one. After all, your tablet or smartphone serves as a portable computer and can quickly and easily let you get connected to the internet, talk to others, play games, work, and more. From work to play to communication to selfies, mobile devices are an integral part of our lives.

    However, they're also expensive. And as time marches forwards, it's easy for your device to quickly become obsolete and outdated. As a result, most people will only have their device for a year or two before choosing to upgrade to a new item.

    Doing so is often made a bit more affordable by trading in your existing item or by reselling it on the open market. Many service providers, for example, offer nearly the full value for your device if it's in good condition. You can also trade in items at electronics store, sell them online, and more. This resell can often help you reduce the cost of your new device.

    But there's a catch. To get the most for your device when you resell it, you will have to keep it in the best shape possible or you won't get the full value possible. Just a few scratches on the screen is enough to drag down your resale price. As a result, it's important that you spend a bit on protection for your mobile devices.

    There are two primary things worth investing in:

    • Screen protection – Don't settle for the flimsy, thin screen protectors. Instead, invest in high quality ballistic glass that will actually keep your screen safe from impacts, scratches, smudges, and more. It's an easy way to keep your screen pristine.
    • Cases – A case handles everything your screen protector won't. While the screen protector is keeping the face of your device safe, the case keeps the brains and body protected.

    Buying both of these is important. Only buying one doesn't completely do the job, and will leave part of your phone vulnerable. If you're planning on reselling your device in the future, you'll need the right protection. Check out our selection of products and you'll find easy, affordable ways to maximize your device's resale value.

  • Did You Know 85% Of People Carry No Backup For Their Batteries?

    These days it's easy to take our tech devices for granted. We rely on them so frequently that they've become a part of our lives that we can't imagine living without. But that level of constant use and the fact that we take them for granted means that it's easy to overlook important things that we should be using along with them.

    A perfect example of this is battery backup. Were you aware that about 85% of the people who use mobile devices today don't carry any kind of backup for their batteries? That's a huge number of the population, and it also means that only 15% of us are ready when we suddenly run out of battery power.

    You've probably already experienced this problem for yourself, and being left with just a few bars on your battery power indicator can lead to serious stress. Potential issues associated with losing power include:

    • • No phone at all for those who use their mobile phone exclusively with no land line
    • • No way to contact work or complete your work if your mobile device plays a role in your job
    • • No way to contact help if an emergency arises
    • • Potential loss of data due to a sudden shut down
    • • Commuters can lose GPS functionality and other tools that help get them through their day
    • • And more


    All in all, losing power is a major problem. It's also something that can happen easily. Today's apps are designed to prolong life as much as possible, but they can still lead to serious power drains in some cases. You might lose power before you know it, leaving you with little options.

    A charger for a car is a good idea for most, but going even further with a portable powerbank is an even better idea. Our powerbanks allow you to get a full charge quickly and start using your device again no matter where you are. Even if you have no access to a car's power outlet or a wall charger, you'll be able to charge up fast. Check out our full range of powerbanks to see this affordable solution to a growing problem for yourself.

  • 3 Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

    Today, our smartphones are every bit as important as major investments and purchases like home PCs. In fact, we're reaching the point where many people don't even use a PC anymore – their entire online activities are completed from a smartphone. We understand that your phone is one of the single most precious things to you, and that why we believe it's important that you take as many steps as possible to protect it and keep it safe.

    There are a lot of different ways to go about doing this, and taking a closer look at some of the main ones is well worth doing. A few minor purchases can translate to larger results in terms of protecting your phone. With that in mind, here are the 3 best ways to protect your smartphone from harm.

    1. Screen Protector – This minor investment can have a big impact on your phone's safety. The screen of your phone is the one part that you directly interact with every single time you use the phone. Every use means that you have a chance to damage it, too. Dropping the phone is a common issue that can lead to major damage, but minor scratches can be caused by everything from loose change in your pocket to a stylus and beyond. Even residue from foods and lotions on your fingertips can create problems with the screen. A screen protector helps provide a safeguard against this issue.

    2. Case – It's not a good idea to go out and about without having your phone in a protective case. The simple fact is that failing to place it in a good case can create significant risks. Everything from a drop onto hard floors to sun and heat damage to moisture damage can impact a phone. Remember that your smartphone is essentially a portable computer, and that it's vital to take care of it. Hard drive damage, electronic component damage, and more are all issues that can be difficult to have repaired. As such, you need to take the time to invest in a good case. There are numerous options from cheap cases that offer limited protection to total protective cases that render a phone nearly indestructible. Choose the one that matches your lifestyle.

    3. Cleaning And Maintenance – Even with all the protective accessories placed onto your smartphone, it can still encounter problems. The world can be a dirty place, and whether you keep your phone in a purse or pocket, clipped to your belt, or sitting on a desk, it's easy for the phone to accumulate dirt, dust, and more. Regular use of a good cleaning kit can help keep your phone working at its best.

    Each of these three options may seem like a significant expense, but the reality is that they're actually solid investments. When you consider the price of modern smartphones like the IPhone 6 or the Galaxy S6, it becomes clear that protecting that initial purchase is important. And if you lack insurance coverage on your phone, it's even more important. Cases, screen protectors, and good old-fashioned cleaning can all help you keep your phone in the best shape possible, and each one should be used to their fullest capacity in order to ensure your phone stays protected.

    If you're ready to protect your phone, our selection of cases, screen protectors, and accessories can help. Check out our selection and you'll likely find exactly what it is that you need to keep your phone in the best shape possible and working for you for years to come.

  • Did You Know? Breaking Down Smartphone Damage Statistics and the Cost of Repairs.

    One of the worst things we fear after we invest in a smartphone is breaking it. We fear the tragic accident, the heat of passion, or the angry situation where there is nothing left to do but to throw your phone into the other room or against the wall. And SPOILER ALERT, we all do it! We all have those unfortunate times where either the phone isn’t working as fast as it used to so you punish it, you drop it in the toilet on accident or onto the asphalt, or you just flat out drop something on top of it.

    With over 70% of the U.S. population owning smartphones, have you ever wondered who breaks them the most or how they are broken? Well, fortunate for you we kick this thing off with a little question such as, Did You Know?

    Did you know that men are more likely to break their phones than women? According to studies, men are more likely to break their phones in the garage and on driveway than anywhere else. Makes sense doesn’t it? That’s where the work gets done and of course you are either going to drop it, get it wet, or have a tool of some kind fall and crack it. It’s the worst, you try to fix one thing and you break another! Another fun fact you might not have known is that men are 70% more likely to lose their phones and 57% more likely to drop their phones in the toilet.

    But lets not forget the ladies, yes they break and lose phones too, but their most common place for their phone to be broken is in the bathroom! They are also most often the victims of smart phone theft. Those that are 25-34 are the most likely to have their phone stolen and those 35-44 are the most likely to lose their device (unfortunately, we can’t help you with theft or loss). Since the age of smartphone’s began, and Apple released the iPhone, Americans have spent well over 5.9 billion dollars in damage repairs for their phones. That’s right 5.9 BILLION DOLLARS. As devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung GS 6 grow larger and larger, these screens become a larger target for potential disaster.

    How do you avoid the consistent damage spending? How do you stay protected? The best solution is to outfit your device with a top-quality case and screen protector. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass offers the best screen protection on the market. With best-in-class, 5-layer protection and bubble-free installation. Along with our lifetime warranty and stellar customer service, we have risen to #1 on Amazon! Why wait around for the unthinkable to happen? Protect your device today!

    Since men are most likely to break their phones in the garage or on the driveway, maybe for this Fathers Day try surprising dad with one tool he will actually need and won’t let him down. You can find these top-quality, protective screens here: For complete protection, pair Dad’s screen with one of our popular cases:
    Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there, hopefully you get protected while you play.

  • Will Ironman Save Your Galaxy S6?

    Wimhen the Galaxy S 6 came out in April, it was said to be arguably the most advanced smart phone ever made. If that is even close to true, why is it that Samsung has not been selling a lot of them? Thus far, 10 million units have been sold since it was released. The iPhone 6 sold that many in it’s first weekend! So what could be causing the Galaxy S 6 to be struggling? The Galaxy S 6 has exceptional cover design, and has the same great functions as any smart phone worth its salt. Reviewers have been praising its amazing technical performance and its excellent, clear cameras, however, does that make up for its lack of a microSD slot for storage expansion, its non-removable battery, or its smudgy glass bodywork? Maybe these are the things that are turning customers away from Samsung and moving to Apple or any other company for that matter. How can they fix this?

    Well Samsung has answered that question and has been taking steps in order to sweeten the deal and get customers turning their attention back to them. Since Samsung is a huge sponsor of the Avenger movies, they decided to finally mix the two together. A new Galaxy S 6 Iron Man version has been created. It features the Iron Man’s darkish red color throughout the phone’s outer appearance accompanied by the Iron Man etched gold face on the back of the phone by the camera. It comes in a beautiful box that im2has the phone and charging pad side by side creating an aesthetically pleasing site. The charging pad is designed to look like the reactor in Tony Stark’s chest. Beneath that, there are 3 little boxes: one is holding the chord to the charger, the other has a phone protector for the back of the phone, and the last has your manual on how to use your action packed phone.

    This phone will not be sold everywhere yet. It will start selling in South Korea on May 27th followed by Hong Kong and China in June. Samsung hopes that this will help sales with the new Galaxy S 6 phone, but will this design help customers to ignore certain physically/ technical functions it may lack, or will it tank just like the original release of the Galaxy S 6? We shall see.

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