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iPhone 8 Rumors: no more Touch ID?

iPhone 8 Rumors : no more Touch ID?

That might even just be the tip of the iceberg for the iPhone 8.

Down to the last few months before the new iPhone 8 is launched! Don’t worry, we’ve got a rundown so you’ll be in the know! ;)

Houston, we may have a problem. Maybe even a lot of them.

With an all-screen display a popular rumor, where will the Touch ID be placed on the iPhone 8?Bad news: there might not be one. Apple might drop it if they won’t be able to embed the fingerprint sensor in the screen.

Folks, there’s more... Known KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts Apple won’t be able to embed the Touch ID in the screen. The feature may be removed totally on the next-generation phone. While his other predictions are quite the same with other rumors in the web. It may then be replaced by a facial recognition system --- instead of placing it in the back like the Galaxy S8. An alleged device photo leak from Weibo also shows now Touch ID in the back.

There seems to be tense air too in the Apple HQ. Hardware is good to go but software is still on the rocks. The source said this caused panic to the California-tech giant’s team just this June.

The 3D camera sensor and the wireless/induction charging software are the problems still being fixed. If not fixed in time, it might either cause delay of phone launch or the softwares would be launched at a later time.

But there’s a bright side! The phone just might have a rear-facing 3D laser for AR apps and improved autofocus.

Price? Unfortunately, pricey is likely. Previous rumors said starting price will be around $1,000. Now, entry-level price may start at $1,200.

Though analysts say there may be a slight chance of getting it at a discounted price.

$1,000 is already a LOT. Now rumors have the iPhone 8 around $1,200?!

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