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  • Did You Know? Breaking Down Smartphone Damage Statistics and the Cost of Repairs.

    One of the worst things we fear after we invest in a smartphone is breaking it. We fear the tragic accident, the heat of passion, or the angry situation where there is nothing left to do but to throw your phone into the other room or against the wall. And SPOILER ALERT, we all do it! We all have those unfortunate times where either the phone isn’t working as fast as it used to so you punish it, you drop it in the toilet on accident or onto the asphalt, or you just flat out drop something on top of it.

    With over 70% of the U.S. population owning smartphones, have you ever wondered who breaks them the most or how they are broken? Well, fortunate for you we kick this thing off with a little question such as, Did You Know?

    Did you know that men are more likely to break their phones than women? According to studies, men are more likely to break their phones in the garage and on driveway than anywhere else. Makes sense doesn’t it? That’s where the work gets done and of course you are either going to drop it, get it wet, or have a tool of some kind fall and crack it. It’s the worst, you try to fix one thing and you break another! Another fun fact you might not have known is that men are 70% more likely to lose their phones and 57% more likely to drop their phones in the toilet.

    But lets not forget the ladies, yes they break and lose phones too, but their most common place for their phone to be broken is in the bathroom! They are also most often the victims of smart phone theft. Those that are 25-34 are the most likely to have their phone stolen and those 35-44 are the most likely to lose their device (unfortunately, we can’t help you with theft or loss). Since the age of smartphone’s began, and Apple released the iPhone, Americans have spent well over 5.9 billion dollars in damage repairs for their phones. That’s right 5.9 BILLION DOLLARS. As devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung GS 6 grow larger and larger, these screens become a larger target for potential disaster.

    How do you avoid the consistent damage spending? How do you stay protected? The best solution is to outfit your device with a top-quality case and screen protector. Tech Armor Ballistic Glass offers the best screen protection on the market. With best-in-class, 5-layer protection and bubble-free installation. Along with our lifetime warranty and stellar customer service, we have risen to #1 on Amazon! Why wait around for the unthinkable to happen? Protect your device today!

    Since men are most likely to break their phones in the garage or on the driveway, maybe for this Fathers Day try surprising dad with one tool he will actually need and won’t let him down. You can find these top-quality, protective screens here: For complete protection, pair Dad’s screen with one of our popular cases:
    Happy Father’s Day all you dads out there, hopefully you get protected while you play.

  • Will Ironman Save Your Galaxy S6?

    Wimhen the Galaxy S 6 came out in April, it was said to be arguably the most advanced smart phone ever made. If that is even close to true, why is it that Samsung has not been selling a lot of them? Thus far, 10 million units have been sold since it was released. The iPhone 6 sold that many in it’s first weekend! So what could be causing the Galaxy S 6 to be struggling? The Galaxy S 6 has exceptional cover design, and has the same great functions as any smart phone worth its salt. Reviewers have been praising its amazing technical performance and its excellent, clear cameras, however, does that make up for its lack of a microSD slot for storage expansion, its non-removable battery, or its smudgy glass bodywork? Maybe these are the things that are turning customers away from Samsung and moving to Apple or any other company for that matter. How can they fix this?

    Well Samsung has answered that question and has been taking steps in order to sweeten the deal and get customers turning their attention back to them. Since Samsung is a huge sponsor of the Avenger movies, they decided to finally mix the two together. A new Galaxy S 6 Iron Man version has been created. It features the Iron Man’s darkish red color throughout the phone’s outer appearance accompanied by the Iron Man etched gold face on the back of the phone by the camera. It comes in a beautiful box that im2has the phone and charging pad side by side creating an aesthetically pleasing site. The charging pad is designed to look like the reactor in Tony Stark’s chest. Beneath that, there are 3 little boxes: one is holding the chord to the charger, the other has a phone protector for the back of the phone, and the last has your manual on how to use your action packed phone.

    This phone will not be sold everywhere yet. It will start selling in South Korea on May 27th followed by Hong Kong and China in June. Samsung hopes that this will help sales with the new Galaxy S 6 phone, but will this design help customers to ignore certain physically/ technical functions it may lack, or will it tank just like the original release of the Galaxy S 6? We shall see.

  • Tech Armor Anti-Glare Screen Protector for the Apple Watch

    Coming soon to the world of Apple Watch protection is Tech Armor’s Anti- Glare screen protectors. Word gets around that the Sapphire casing of the Apple Watches have a very high reflective percentage which ruins the color and contrast of the watch’s full-color touchscreen display under any bright lights. Tech Armor has solved that problem by creating an Anti-Glare screen protector that not only holds strong like all of their other products, but also makes it easier for the consumer to take advantage of the full-color display.

    new-logo (2)

    Each new screen protector is molded and tested to perfection. The new Anti-Glare screen protectors combine scratch protection with a unique matte finish dramatically improving visibility in bright sunlight or office lights. Its protection not only reduces glare and resists fingerprints, but also protects your screen from scratches that reduce the resale value of you Apple Watch.

    amazon_warranty-shield-1000x1000_11_4_84It has bubble free installation and features the best protection from scratches, best touchscreen accuracy, anti-fingerprint coating, and of course, the anti-glare technology. The Best part is that each one comes with a hassle-free lifetime warranty, which ensures that you get the best possible deals. I am very pleased with this company and it’s products. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  • Tech Armor Apple Watch Screen Protectors

    Apple Watch screens are very protected by the toughness of the Sapphire or the scratch-resistance of the built-in Ion-x glass, but everybody knows that accidents happen. When accidents happen, it is very important that we are insured in some way. That is the reason we have things like, car insurance, life insurance, home insurance, etc. Now that the Apple Watch is out, we all were expecting some kind of insurance, but nothing compares to the insurance Tech Armor has created.

    Untitled1Tech Armor has just released a line of screen protectors for the Apple Watch that are the best in production. This company’s dedication to create the toughest protection has stood the test of time as they keep putting out more impressive products after the other. Tech Armor has created a series of Apple Watch screen protectors such as, The HD Clear, The Premium Ballistic glass, and the Premium HD Clear Felxiglass. The Ballistic and Felxiglass are offered one at a time, but the HD clear screen protectors come in a 3-pack and all of these products are protected by Tech Armor’s Hassle free lifetime Warranty.

    UntitleddLike I said, insurance! We need to feel protected and Tech Armor creates that safe feeling by not only supplying the best screen protectors on the market, but they also offer you a lifetime warranty just to support you that much more. I support this company completely, and I know I got the best insurance for my Apple Watch, cause even when accidents happen, I’m Tech Armor insured.

  • Sapphire Vs. Glass Screens

    Let’s talk about something that is a concern to us all; let’s talk about glass vs. Sapphire for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch, being the new amazing product that it is, comes with amazing new advances in technology and a stylish new take on how to manage your phone without even pulling it from your pocket. But how well protected is the Apple Watch? In order to answer this question, we need to examine what kind of materials Apple decided to use on its watch.

    aAs most of you know, Apple uses Sapphire for most of its high-end watches with the exception of the sport watch, which actually uses Ion-X glass. Sapphire is said to be one of the strongest transparent substances. What is being used to determine the strength of the Sapphire is something called The Mohs Hardness Scale.

    bThe Mohs Hardness Scale is a qualitative ordinal scale, which characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer material. So far, there have already been a handful of reviews done on Sapphire and the glass by means of the MHS, which puts the apple watch to the test to see what will scratch it first. What has been confirmed by reviews is that the Sapphire is almost just as tough as a diamond. A diamond ranks at 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale with Sapphire glass ranking 9.
    As strong as Sapphire may be, one thing testing has showed us is that Sapphire nearly doubles the amount of reflected ambient light as apposed to glass. Sapphire has 8.2% reflectance compared to the Apple sport watch, which only has a 4.6% reflectance. What this means is that when you put the Apple Watch under a bright light, it will reduce contrast and color saturation, which robs you of the very impressive aesthetics of the watch’s full-color touchscreen display. In order to remedy this, Apple uses an anti-glare/reflective coating, which will easily scratch off under normal use of the watch. The Sapphire is tough, but maybe it’s a little more Bling Bling than we need.

    cThe Apple Sport Watch, however, has the Ion-X glass, which is the same glass used on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The Ion-X glass is scratch resistant and is very similar to Corning Gorilla glass. And Because of its 4.6% reflectance, the Apple Sport Watch can handle bright lights much better than the other Apple Watches.

    So when it comes to the fight between Sapphire and glass, who wins? Sapphire is tough but very reflective, and glass is tough enough and barely reflects. If you ask me, I would go with the glass because it won’t reflect and wash out the phone as much as Sapphire and I can just get a protective case from Tech Armor or something to reinforce my watch, but hey, that’s just me.

  • Prepare For the Apple Watch

    Getting ready for the new Apple Watch? How could you not? The new Apple Smart Watch is the first Apple device you actually wear that works seamlessly with your iPhone. Perfect for on the go, the Apple Smart Watch is ideal for the quickest interactions making your life easier while doing it in style.


    The features on the new Apple Smart Watch are things like we have never seen come out of Apple before. Astonishing and innovative, the Apple Watch is activated by simply raising your wrist. In order to turn it off, simply lower your wrist.

    Every Apple Watch is different and here’s why, it isn’t just because Apple has put out so many different varieties of style, but the Apple Smart Watch, itself, gives you the option to customize your own clock. Instead of Apple deciding for you what your layout would be, like on the iPhone series, you, the customer, are able to transform your Apple Smart Watch into something that reflects who you are.


    Once you have created your original home screen, you can now access the variety of applications the Apple Smart Watch provides by simply swiping up or down. For fast interaction and check in, swiping up allows you to view the things you check on a regular basis such as the stock market, the weather, etc. By swiping down, the Apple Smart Watch allows you to check on and respond to any notifications that you might have missed during your busy day.

    The newest technology the Apple Watch includes is the process of Force Touch. Instead of buttons that would pollute the screen and or side of the watch, Force Touch allows you to access certain options not provided by swiping. For example, when checking messages, using Force Touch allows you to have reply options. With maps, Force Touch gives you the search options. Force Touch is the easiest and fastest way to access more options from your applications.

    The side of the Apple Smart Watch has two things: the Digital Crown, and another button below it. The Digital Crown might be considered as the brain of the Apple Smart Watch. By this, it means that Digital Crown has the ability to access and control any application within the watch itself. It can swipe through apps, zoom in on pictures, access SERI, and anything else that you would need. The button below the Digital Crown takes you straight to the number of people who are in contact with the most so that you can contact them faster than using the phone application on you watch.

    Exciting new things are also going to be available on the Apple Smart Watch such as apple pay, activity log, and workout schedule.

    The Apple Smart Watch Is up for pre-order right now on Apple’s website. There are three types of Apple Smart Watches and they are: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. Each category is aesthetically different as well as the price. If you plan to buy an Apple Smart Watch, the prices range from lowest being $349 to the highest being $12,000. They come out this week and they will go fast. The Count down is almost over and the watches will be available on April 24, are you ready?

  • How We Created Edge to Edge Ballistic Glass

    I will never forget the day the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched. I was sitting with Tech Armor Co-Founder Eric Tong in a small office in Hermosa Beach, CA. We both thought our laptops were having issues with the Internet connection as the video continuously started and stopped. We would later come to find out that the issue was with the JavaScript used by Apple in an attempt to show live Tweets scrolling across the bottom of the screen.
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  • Trouble sleeping? Using your tablet or smartphone right before bed might be the culprit.

    Tech Armor Nation,

    First, from everyone here, we want to wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year! As we begin 2015, one of the resolutions here at the TA compound is to play a better role in informing our customers about upcoming, innovative products and technology.
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