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What’s New From LG? News on the LG G7?

What’s New From LG? News on the LG G7?

Major revamp coming for an LG device!

Apple and Samsung are having a field day (or month really) with rumors and new releases, but we haven’t  forgotten about LG! There may be a lot that you’ve missed: we’ve got some info to help you get started!


What will we see in MWC?


LG released a statement they’ll be releasing improved versions of their K8 AND K10 smartphones. It will be released in regions such as Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. And in three colors: Aurora Black, Moroccan Blue and Terra Gold.

Improvements on the phones are focused on the camera features with the K10 having an out-focus feature while the K8 showcasing an improved low light shot feature. Both devices will run on Android Nougat.


We’ll also be getting an advanced LG V30 version adding Vision AI to the mix. It can scan QR codes and perform image searches to name a few. And you’d also get new voice commands for Google Assistant.


For the name, what’s going around the rumor mill so far is: V30S and V30+‘α. It’s reported to officially launch on March 8 or 9 in South Korea so safe to say the rest of the world to follow  some time after.


Right now you might be asking: how about the LG G7?


This Korean tech-giant hasn’t been having the best of luck in the smartphone industry. They’ve decided to unveil new smartphones when needed unlike before in a yearly manner.


But don’t lose hope yet! There have been recent reports that they are working on a new phone codenamed “Judy” which may be the revamped LG G7. Leaker Evan Blass has said the device will have new hardware, 6.1-inch, 18:9 Vision display and will be using an MLCD+ panel. Target release is June 2018.


Other updates:


The LG G6 and LGV30 will be getting the Android 8.1 Oreo update soon. (Which we also have protected!)

(We’ve got LG G6 armed!)

(Of course the LG V30 too!)


This tech-giant is expected to release 5G phones, in 2019 with Qualcomm X50 modem.

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