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Microsoft entered the smart device market by licensing Windows software to smartphone makers, such as Nokia and Samsung. In late 2012, Microsoft made a second foray into the smart device market by releasing its own tablet, Microsoft Surface. Useable as a standalone tablet and capable of being converted into a laptop using a backprop for the screen and a flat, detachable keyboard, the Microsoft Surface is one of the most versatile tablets on the market.

If you use the Surface, Surface Pro, Surface 2, or Surface Pro 2, be sure to protect their high-resolution displays with a Microsoft Surface screen protector. If you are looking for the best product, just visit Tech Armor’s online store. Our screen protectors are certified by Microsoft’s “Made for Surface” program and have the best design and materials for their function, feature a lifetime warranty, and come with a smoothing card and a lint-free polishing cloth that simplify installation and cleaning. Get a high-quality Microsoft Surface screen protector from Tech Armor today!

Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector            


Our Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector features a matte finish that repels fingerprints. Many people use the Microsoft Surface by placing their finger against the screen. If you use the device this way, implementing our Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector will keep the screen free of annoying smudges without reducing the responsiveness of the device’s touch screen technology. The only difference is the screen won’t have fingerprints.

The protector also features anti-glare technology that reduces the glare of the screen without making it appear dull. If you convert your Microsoft Surface into a laptop using the prop and keypad and spend long hours doing work on the device, outfitting it with an anti-glare screen protector can shield your eyes and the screen at the same time. If you walk away from using the surface and feel as if your eyes are burning, this screen protector can be a big help.                 

High-Definition Clear Screen Protector

Our High-Definition Clear Screen Protector provides the maximum amount of clarity while protecting the screen of your Microsoft surface from scuffs and scratches. When you implement this Microsoft Surface screen protector, the screen will look as if it wears no protector at all. The protector also preserves the ultra responsive display of the device, letting you use your finger or a stylus to navigate through screen options. Tech_Armor_LLC_1.jpg

Get Your Protectors Today

Our protectors for Microsoft Surface are designed to reduce screen glare and keep it free of fingerprints. Protecting the screen of your Microsoft Surface with a Surface screen protector does more than keep the device looking new; it also helps preserve its resale value. When you are ready to upgrade to a new tablet, you can sell your current tablet and put the money toward a new one.

To buy a high-quality Microsoft Surface screen protector, or to purchase a screen protector for a different smart device, visit our online store and place your order today!