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For decades, Sony has been hailed as one of the top electronics manufacturers in the world. In the new millenium, the company has added dynamic smartphones and smart tablets to its seemingly endless line of top-rated products. If you love products from Sony, and you are ready to give the manufacturer’s cell phones, smart tablets, or smartwatch a try, protect the screen of the device from scuffs and scratches with a high-quality screen protector from Tech Armor.

Screen protectors from Tech Armor are made with the best possible materials for their function; they come with a smoothing card that helps prevent bubbles from forming under the protector, a lint-free polishing cloth for removing smudges on the screen, and a lifetime replacement warranty. Our protectors help preserve the resale value of Sony smart devices by protecting their screens from damage. We offer screen protectors for the following Sony smart devices.   

Xperia Z 10.1”


The Xperia Z 10.1” tablet comes with a 10.1” Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display and a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. TFT technology allows each pixel to be controlled by between one and four transistors, providing an ultra-high level of resolution that non-TFT displays cannot match. To preserve the awesome clarity of the display, guard the screen against scuffs and scratches by applying an Xperia screen protector. We offer the following protectors for the Xperia Z 10.1”.

  • Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector with matte finish   

  • HD Clear Screen Protector that resists scratches and offers excellent clarity

The anti-glare and anti-fingerprint Xeria screen protector helps reduce eyestrain from screen glare and repels fingerprints as you use the device’s touchscreen. The clear screen protector is an excellent option for tablet users who want the clearest viewing experience while protecting the screen from scuffs and scratches. When you outfit the device with an Xperia screen protector, you keep its dazzling display looking clear and new, preserving its resale value.    

Xperia Z L36i

The Xperia Z L36i features a 5” display with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution. With 440.6 ppi pixel density, this makes it one of the clearest cell phone displays available. To protect the screen without compromising the clarity of the display, just apply our HD Clear Screen Protector that resists scratches and offers excellent clarity. This Xperia screen protector is designed to give the display the same clarity it would have if the protector were not in place.

Sony Smartwatchhd_clear_hero-sony-smartwatch.jpg

If you like the idea of wearing a smartphone on your wrist, the Sony smartwatch is for you. Featuring an OLED 1.3” display with a resolution of 128 x 128 pixels, this black and silver electronic gem is a conversation piece. Protect it with one of the following screen protectors.

  • Anti-Glare and Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector with matte finish   

  • HD Clear Screen Protector that resists scratches and offers excellent clarity

The Sony smartwatch marks a new era in style for wristwatches. If you decide to let this device grace your wrist, remember that, despite its capabilities, it’s still a wristwatch that will likely encounter some heavy wear. One of our screen protectors will keep the display looking new.

Get Your Protector Today

If you purchase the Sony Xperia Z 10.1” tablet or the Xperia Z L36i phone, get an Xperia screen protector for the device before you use it. For a few dollars, you can keep the device’s screen looking like it just came out of the box and preserve its resale value, so you can sell it and put the money toward your next device. Get an Xperia Z screen protector for your Sony tablet or cell phone or a protector for your smartwatch today!