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Tech Armor FAQ's

Q:  How do you remove bubbles from a screen protector during installation

A:  Air bubbles can easily be removed with the included squeegee.  However for dust or lint bubbles (which can be identified by a dark spot or small hair inside the bubble) you need to gently peel back the screen protector using scotch tape, and then with a second piece of tape pull the dust from the screen or from the sticky side of the screen protector.

Q:  How do I get a perfect installation of a screen protector?

A:  We recommend that you watch our install videos to get the perfect installation. You can also read our pro tips, below.

To start, do the following:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly to lessen the chance of fingerprints on the protector or screen.
  2. Clean the screen of your device with the included lint free cloth.  It is really important for the screen to make proper adhesion to the screen.
  3. Peel back 2 inches of the protective layer with the "START (1)" sticker attached.  This is the adhesive side of your screen protector and should be facing the phone screen.  
  4. Line up the bottom edge of the screen protector (for smartphones) or the long edge (for tablets/larger devices), and apply the adhesive side to the screen.  Slowly roll the screen protector down or across the device while removing the protective layer.  Discard the protective layer with the "START (1)" Sticker.
  5. Carefully purge the remaining bubbles using the included Tech Armor squeegee.  For screen protectors with only one "START (1)" sticker and protective layer, you can wrap your squeegee in the lint free cloth to prevent scratching your new screen protector.
  6. For screen protectors with a second protective layer and attached "FINISH (2)" sticker, carefully remove the entire protective sheet and attached "FINISH  (2)" sticker (be careful not to remove the screen protector you just applied).  Note: The protective sheet is much thicker than a screen protector.
  7. Polish the screen protector with the lint free cloth and you are good to go!  

Q:  I have a dusty house and keep getting dust under the screen protector when I install it.  What can I do?

A:  Your best bet is to find a bathroom and run the shower or sink to create some steam.  This will get you the dust free environment you are looking for!

Q:   I followed the instructions and watched the help videos, but still messed up my Screen Protector Install. What should I do?

A:   First off, don't worry about a thing, because once you purchase from Tech Armor, you are protected under our Lifetime Replacement Warranty! You can contact us during normal business hours to speak to a representative that will help with your installation or email us directly at to receive your replacements. Should you choose to email us, please include the following information:

  • First & Last Name
  • Shipping Address
  • Contact Number
  • Order Number
  • Short Description on Product/Installation Issue

Q:   How long will it take for my order to reach me?

A:   Once your order is placed you will get an email with the estimated ship date. If you chose our standard delivery, it takes 5-7 Business Days until the product arrives. You can also track your order, as we have set-up tracking information for every shipment. All products are shipped from Southern California, so be patient if you are on the East Coast, we will make sure you get your order!

Please note, for USPS Tracking we use delivery confirmation, so you will not see real time updates for our standard shipping but rather a departure scan and a delivery confirmation. If you do need detailed tracking information, you can choose to pay to ship priority or next day service as well.

Q:   What other types of shipping do you offer?

A:   Tech Armor offers the following:

  • Standard (4-7 business days): USPS First Class Mail* - $0 per item (no discounts for multiple unit orders).
  • Expedited (2-3 business days): USPS Priority Mail* - $6.99 per item.
  • Two Day (2 business day): FedEx TwoDay - $15.99
  • One Day (1 business day): FedEx Overnight - $22.99

*Delivery to PO Box, Alaska/Hawaii, Protectorates, APO/FPO may vary and are not guaranteed.

Q:   Do you ship Internationally?

A:   Tech Armor does offer international shipping! Due to custom clearance, International Shipment delivery time is NOT guaranteed, though. You can find more information about our International shipping rates here.

Do you have any additional Questions? Feel free to contact us!

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