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The iPhone 5C is Apple’s most colorful creation yet. Available in white, pink, yellow, blue, and green, the phone features a colored plastic shell that hides a steel-reinforced frame. Inside the frame are some great technologies that distinguish the 5C from the competition, such as a great selection of value-added apps, an iOS 7 interface with sharp icons, and an A7 chip that offers 10 hours of talk time, 10 hours of LTE browsing time, and 10 hours of video playback time.

Protect Your Investment

If you are like most people, the features of your iPhone 5C feel more like necessities than pleasures. If your iPhone is crucial for communicating and gathering information that is essential to your life, protect the device with a case for iPhone 5C from Tech Armor. We offer stylish, durable iPhone 5C phone cases that protect the brilliant colors and technologies of the 5C model. Protect your phone by ordering one of the awesome iPhone 5C phone cases below.         

SlimProtect Case

This case is one of the slimmest iPhone 5C phone cases on the market. Made from thin polycarbonate material that wraps around the body of the phone like a skin, our SlimProtect case also offers great protection against scuffs and scratches. With its rubberized finish that makes it easy to grip, the case decreases the chance that you will drop the phone and scuff or scratch it in the first place. Get the sleek, durable iPhone SlimProtect case for your phone today!   

EdgeProtect Case

The EdgeProtect case is designed to keep your phone from getting scuffed and scratched around the edges. Because the perimeter of the case slightly overlaps the front and back of the phone, it can also protect an iPhone that falls flat on its face or the reverse. Made from polycarbonate material, this case is lightweight and makes your phone easy to grip. If the edges of your phone are always getting scratched and scuffed, order this case for iPhone 5C today.


This case is made from lightweight, translucent polycarbonate material that protects your phone from bumps and drops. With a scratch resistant matte finish, the case shows almost none of the wear it prevents the iPhone 5C from experiencing. If you want to keep both your iPhone and the case that protects it looking pristine, using the FlexProtect case is a great way to protect your smartphone.

Get Your Case Today

If you have an iPhone 5C that isn’t protected by a cell phone case, check out our great selection of iPhone 5C cases. Whether your phone needs a case that only protects its edges, or it needs a case that can withstand heavy handling day after day, Tech Armor has the iPhone 5C phone cases just for you. For more details about our iPhone 5C cases or other cell phone cases, browse through our online store, or contact our nationwide support team today at