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Protection is Essential

The iPhone 5S offers tons of high-tech, user-friendly technologies that make it more than just a cell phone, such as touch ID, an A7 chip that delivers 64 bits of computing power, an M7 coprocessor that offers far more efficiency than previous models, and an iSight camera that makes snapping great photos a breeze.

With so much sensitive technology in the device, it’s important to protect the iPhone 5S against the inevitable bumps, drops, and slides that cell phones experience daily. If you have an iPhone 5S that a cell phone case doesn’t protect, encasing it in a slim, durable iPhone 5S case from Tech Armor could be essential for keeping its dynamic technologies fully functional. We offer four different exquisitely designed iPhone 5S cases that come in a variety of awesome colors.

SlimProtect Case

You shouldn’t have to dress your beautiful iPhone up like a tank or a battleship, just to keep it protected. Our Slimprotect case is so slim that it almost seems like an original part of the phone. As thin and lightweight as these iPhone 5S cases come, the SlimProtect case still offers awesome protection. The polycarbonate material provides durable protection against scuffs and scratches, and it has a tactile, rubberized finish that makes it easy to keep in your hand. If you want a cell phone case that keeps your iPhone 5S as lightweight and sleek as possible, the SlimProtect case is just what you need.     

EdgeProtect Case

The EdgeProtect case wraps around the edges of the phone to keep them from getting scuffed and scratched. Unlike cases the wrap around the back of the phone, this case leaves the back exposed, creating a unique aesthetic that reveals the phone’s Apple logo. Ultra lightweight and made from polycarbonate and TPU material that makes it easy to grip, this easy to install case is the best protective case for iphone 5S users whose phones experience heavy wear on the edges or simply want the largest amount of area of the phone exposed as possible.

FlexProtect Case

Made from lightweight, translucent TPU material, this case provides durable protection without weighing your phone down. The case’s tactile finish makes it easy to handle and decreases your chance of dropping it when you retrieve it from your pocket. In addition to keeping your iPhone looking good, with its matte finish that resists scratches, the FlexProtect case also keeps itself looking good. Slip this case on your iPhone 5S in just a few seconds.

Get Your Case Today

If you have an iPhone 5S that isn’t protected by a cell phone case, check out our great selection of iPhone 5S cases. Whether your phone needs a case that only protects its edges, or it needs a case that can withstand heavy handling day after day, Tech Armor has a cell phone case just for you. For more details about our iPhone 5S cases or other cell phone cases, browse through our online store, or contact our nationwide support team today at

Protect Every Part of Your Phone

Once you’ve selected one of our top quality iPhone cases, complete your phone’s protection with one of our Tech Armor screen protectors. Our different screen protectors are designed to support the HD visuals of your retina display, provide greater privacy, or serve as a layer of protection that will absorb the damage from a fall that might break your iPhone 5’s expensive touch screen glass. A screen protector is a must have to help your phone last and preserve its value, since it will prevent scratches and smudges that can reduce the resale price of the phone.

At Tech Armor, we’ve got all the mobile accessories you need to keep your favorite tablets and smartphones connected and protected, including cases, screen protectors, chargers, and cables. Shop our full selection today and become a member of Tech Armor Nation.