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Many automakers have stopped including a cigarette lighter as a standard feature in their vehicles, but they still provide the DC battery outlet that was once used to heat the lighter. That’s because the outlet is useful for charging devices such as smartphones and tablets. All you have to do is connect them to the outlet using a USB car adapter. If you need to charge your smart devices while you travel, using a dual USB car charger from Tech Armor is the perfect option.

Charges Different Devices

You can use a dual USB car charger from Tech Armor to charge two smartphones simultaneously or charge both your smartphone and tablet. We’ve designed the charger to accommodate:

  • iPhone 6, iPhone 5 5s 5c, iPhone 4/4s, and all iPads/iPods

  • Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 8, and all Galaxy Tab models

  • Original Kindle Fire HD, new Kindle Fire HD (7 Inch & 8.9 Inch), and Kindle Paperwhite

  • BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Google mobile devices and tablets

Our USB car adapter is perfect for families that use different brands of smart devices and tech nuts who love to buy the latest, greatest smart devices from famous manufacturers. If you have any of the devices above, our USB can adapter will help keep them charged and ready to use.

Designed to Last

Available in black or white, our dual USB car chargers are designed to last, as our Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty demonstrates. You won’t find this type of warranty on low-quality chargers that are cheaply produced and have problems such as overheating, warping, and a plastic shell that separates at the seams. Our chargers are built to last years!

Dual Power Options

Choose between two power options: 2.1 amps / 10 watts / 5V DC or 3.4 amps / 15 watts / 5V DC. Both options deliver plenty of charging power, but the latter is ideal for charging a series of smartphones or tablets in a short period of time. Some car chargers for smart devices deliver a sluggish charge that only raises the stored power of a device a few percentage points after a lengthy drive, but our chargers are designed to quickly power up any connected device.

Offers Overcharge Protection

Did you know that overcharging smart devices can weaken their batteries? The key is to charge them until the power reserve is completely full, and then quickly disconnect the power cord. A dual USB charger from Tech Armor makes this easy by alerting you when your devices are fully charged. At the moment your device reaches full power, our USB adapters’ overcharge protection technology lets you know it’s time to disconnect it from the DC battery outlet.   

Get Your Charger Today

If your smartphone or smart tablet has ever lost power when you took a long road trip, outfitting your vehicle with a dual USB car charger from Tech Armor will ensure that it never happens again. As long as your car battery has power, you can use our USB adapter to power up a variety of cell phones and tablets. To keep your smart devices from going dead in your car, truck, or SUV again, visit our online store and get the dual USB car charger you need today.