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If you never seem to have enough electrical outlets to charge your smart devices, getting a dual USB wall charger from Tech Armor is a great solution. Our dual USB wall chargers are a great option for people who own two or more smart devices and companies that need to keep a large number of smart devices charged for employees who leave the office throughout the day. With our USB wall chargers at your disposal, your devices will stay charged and ready for service, and with our Hassle-Free Lifetime Warranty, Tech Armor always has you covered.

Charges Different Devices


The chargers that come with most smart devices are designed to charge the devices they come with. For example, you can’t use an iPhone 5 charger to power up a Samsung GS4. A USB wall charger from Tech Armor, on the other hand, lets you charge a wide range of devices, including all devices from Apple, Amazon, Google, Blackberry, and HTC, and most Samsung devices. Use the first port to power up smartphones and the second port to recharge smart tablets.

Delivers Power Quickly

Our dual USB wall chargers deliver 3.1 amps / 15 watts / 5V DC of power, which equals far more charging capacity that you’ll find in similarly designed USB wall chargers. Our chargers detect the battery power remaining in a device and adjusts the power output to where the device charges as quickly as possible. If you want a charger that powers up smart devices in minutes instead of hours, get a dual USB wall charger from Tech Armor’s online store today.  

Offers Overcharge Protection

You want the battery in a smart device to charge fast, but you don’t want it to overcharge. When batteries in smartphones and tablets overcharge, they start to degrade and lose their ability to maintain a charge. Our USB chargers let you know when to disconnect a device from the charger by alerting you when its battery is full. Overcharged cell phone batteries is one of the most common reasons for battery failure. Our chargers help keep batteries in top condition.


Adaptable to Outlets

Our dual USB wall charger features a dual prong plug that fits standard AC outlets found on the walls of most U.S. homes and buildings, but you can remove the prongs and convert the charger to use it with international AC outlets. Whether you’re an avid world traveler, travel internationally for business, or are planning your first excursion outside the U.S., a dual USB wall charger will help ensure that your smart devices stay fully charged wherever you choose to roam.

Get Your Chargers Today

If you or your company’s smartphones and tablets are always running low on power, investing in a dual USB wall charger from Tech Armor is a great solution. Available in black or white, our USB wall chargers are designed to power up a variety of devices, deliver power quickly, offer overcharge protection, and are adaptable to international power outlets. Stop charging your devices with sluggish chargers and order dual USB chargers from our online store today!