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Other Products

1. What Type-C products do you have?

We currently have the Type-C/USB HUB and Adapter. Soon we will have our high-quality Type-C to USB-A cables and Type-C to Type-C cables. Please see our website for more information on these products.

2. What formula do you use in your cleaning kit?

The cleaning formula in our cleaning kit spray bottles is a proprietary formula we call TechClean Gel. It is alcohol and ammonia free so it keeps you and your device safe but also clean. More information on our cleaning kit can be found here.

3. Are your cleaning wipes alcohol-free?

Yes, our cleaning wipes are alcohol-free. We use a version of our proprietary cleaning formula we call TechClean Gel. Unlike traditional cleaning wipes which are very fragrant with the alcohol smell, ours are safe yet effective. More information on our cleaning kit can be found here.

4. I am experiencing audio issues with my Talk n Charge Lightning Earbuds?

Apple updates the iOS software platform regularly and this could affect the function of our earbuds. Not to worry! We created an APP (available in the App Store on your device) to keep your earbuds updated with the latest iOS software upgrade.

Before you use your earbuds for the first time, run our app to make sure you’re synced to the latest software. It is also good to run the app again with each new Apple software release to avoid any complications.