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Want to learn more about Tech Armor's Screen Protectors, Cases, Chargers, and Cleaning Solutions? Look no further! With over 60+ Video Reviews on our products, feel free to peruse our YouTube Channel and discover what the Reviewers are saying...




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Writers, Bloggers, and Review Sites alike have given Tech Armor's product line exceptional ratings across the board. Find out what these leaders in the space have to say about Tech Armor!


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Customer Reviews

"Product arrived on time and was really impressed with the overall experience. Came with 3 screens and got my 1st screen on with no problems and no bubbles. The HD screens are nice as they don't distort the beautiful glass display of the iPhone 5. Screen fit perfectly with nice cutouts for camera hole. Case friendly too as I use a bumper. Great product and would buy again!"


"Five (5) star rating - I ordered these screen protectors off of Amazon a week before my pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S4 arrived. The protectors got here before the phone, and once the phone arrived, I found these protectors to be among the easiest screen protectors I've ever installed. The price and the product are great - so far no scratches and I'd purchase these again without hesitation. My wife got my previous phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I use Tech Armor screen protectors on that phone as well and they're excellent."


"OK, I admit I have some good experience applying screen protectors to iPads and other smart phones (Blackberry and iPhone's), so this is not the first time I have applied one of these. But it was still relatively easy to install correctly on the first try. The instructions were right on. Definitely smooth out the bubbles before removing the 2nd tab. I thought the "bubble smoother" that's included is a little small, so I used a credit card. My only concern came when I finished pushing the bubbles out and the screen protector look all scratched up. But I forgot there was the 2nd tab and once I pulled that and the remaining cover off, it looked excellent. It lines up and completely covers the entire surface. Highly recommended.."
-Phillip Shulman

iPhone_5S_Case"I guess I'm obsessed with iPhone cases since I have purchased about 5 already for my new white iPhone 5. I have tried most expensive brands like Speck and other name brands. I purchased this one because of the low price. Upon receiving the product (I purchased the Tech Armor Pink/White), I was very pleased. The pictures here on the website actually made the case look like it was cheaply made, but it actually looks like a very good quality case! The hot pink color is awesome and it is matte and not slippery when you grasp the phone. I'm actually looking for other colors to purchase more of these cases. I think this is my first review of anything here, and I'm a BIG Amazon buyer. I just wanted to let prospective buyers that this is an affordable and very good case."


"It works great and it's so nice not to have to decied who gets to charge their phone first. I really like the low profile that it has in my car, it gives the impression that it's built in."
-Lizzy D

"I am charging my Google Nexus 4 phone with my sons Google Nexus 7 Tab and both rapid charge in the car side by side with no problem. He can start playing with his tablet in about 5 mins from dead and it won't shut down on him which isn't the case with a lot of other chargers. Note that you do have to buy separate cables that will work with your device which doesn't bother me because they come with my device. I was really surprise with the weight and quality of this little car charger. I'm very pleased so far and I've had it for a little over a week I believe. And (girlie here) the blue light around the diameter of the plug face is cute and helpful too, especially at night if you are trying to plug into it in the dark."


"These new protectors arrived within a few days. We have never received customer service like this for screen protectors. Usually, we would get screen protectors for the same price, but of a lower quality (they would get scratched up easily, lift at the corners, have a weird rainbow sheen, etc.) and they definitely did not come with a lifetime warranty. On another positive note, for all you people who like interchanging cases but don't like the lifting it causes for whatever screen protector you're using, this is a great product as my girlfriend has changed from Otterboxes (Commuter) to slimmer fit TPU cases and the screen protector has stayed put. Overall, product is amazing, fits phones according to specifications, greatly reduces glare and is well worth the money."
-Michael J. Brown

"After reading my above review Tech Armor Customer Service responded with regret to my failed attempts. In order to make things "right" they sent another pack of screen protectors and gave me a couple suggestions to make installation easier. Well, I am happy to report that following their suggestion of doing the install in the bathroom to cut down on dust worked like a charm! I was able to place the protector on with one try! It looks so good you can hardly tell it's there! Great product and even better customer service!!!"
-J. McQueen