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Retina Shield

You already know it’s important to protect your tablet’s touch screen from scratches and smudges by installing a screen protector. But why not get one that protects you and your children’s eyesight as well as your tablet? With a retina shield from Tech Armor, you’ll get all the strength of Tech Armor protection with an added benefit that’s more important than you probably realize.

Why Do You Need a Retina Shield?

Smartphones and tablets that use LED screens release a form of bright blue light, chosen for its efficiency and power. This is great for device function, but not as great for human function. This light is incredibly intense, and it can cause digital eye strain for us and for our children. What’s more, it can also lower the melatonin levels that are associated with deep, peaceful sleep. The easiest way to avoid it is to limit device exposure, but in the modern world, that’s a lot easier said than done. We rely on our smartphones and tablets to a degree that makes that quite impractical.

How Tech Armor Can Help

A Tech Armor blue light screen shield is a much more practical solution for anyone who is worried about themselves or their children getting too much exposure to blue light. Install one of these screen protectors on your tablet and you’ll be able to stay connected and enjoy all the content you want without worrying about your eye health. And you no longer have to worry about your children using their favorite devices for education and fun, since the blue light filter will help to stop the light from altering melatonin levels. Whether you have an iPad, iPad mini, or a Samsung Galaxy tablet, a blue light filtering screen filter from Tech Armor is well worth the investment.

Understanding the Tech Armor Difference

Tech Armor exists to provide an alternative to all the overpriced mobile device protection accessories out there. We constantly continue developing our products so that we can bring our customers the quality protection they need for the devices they depend on, at a price they can afford. We support a wide range of device brands, from Apple and Samsung to Amazon and HTC. Today, more than four million people use Tech Armor products to defend their smartphones and tablets from the dangers of everyday life.

In addition to blue light filters for your favorite tablet, Tech Armor carries a variety of other protective accessories for mobile phones and tablets, including privacy screen protectors, high definition screen protectors, protective cases, and even cables and backup chargers. We are committed to satisfying our customers by helping them protect their devices with Tech Armor quality, and we even offer a lifetime replacement warranty to make sure your devices stay protected. If you experience installation problems, wear and tear, or scratches and damage, we’ll replace your device protector free of charge. Shop our full selection today and become a member of Tech Armor Nation.