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Tech Armor Testimonials

Screen Protector Testimonials

"I've nearly used all other brands of screen protectors that are on the market and I can honestly say Tech Armor beats them all, hands down! Goes on very easy, stays put and, (this is the game changer) NO BUBBLES!! I'm impressed how nice and bubble free it looks only after a few minutes after installation. I highly recommend this product to anyone that's on the fence about this protector. I'm sold and will be a customer for life! Thank you for having a product that goes beyond what is advertised!"
- Todd Cordray

"The product works great. I was skeptical at first because of the air bubbles, but soon I worked them out with the squeegee provided with my iPad screen protectors . It was simple to install and was ready for use within 5 minutes. I feel more confident that my iPad won't get scratched. Anti-Glare works great for reading and no fingerprints! Highly recommend the product." 
- Rob W.


"I tried other clear covers for my Samsung S4 screen and have been less than thrilled with them. The original Verizon screen protectors went "cloudy" all too quickly, then I tried Zaggshield, which left a myriad of little tiny dimples all over the screen and then I tried the Tech Armor Premium HD Clear screen protectors. They are almost like the glass protectors you can buy but for a lot less money. Fingers slide across the surface better than any other screen protector, except maybe the glass ones. This is a great product for very little out of pocket dollars."

"This is by far the best screen protector that I've ever applied. I have used in the past more than 30 protectors for other phones but I've always ended up with bubbles. This time, I did not have a single bubble left inside. The price is very good and the quality is the same as the $30 one they sell at the Apple store. I highly recommend it."
- Duraid

"In my opinion, this is the perfect cover for the iPhone. Smudges and glare are just shy of being non-existent. Personally, I've always preferred the feel of matte covers over that of glass, specifically after continuous use. Add to that the fact that it comes with three covers for an amazing price. It really is a great buy. Highly recommended."
- Donald Lopez

"This was my first time trying Tech Armor on a phone, and as such, I was a little worried. What if it didn't go on right? What if it doesn't have the right cut-outs for the iPhone 5? I had no need to worry! I received my order on the Monday after the iPhone 5 came out and promptly set about putting it on. It was very easy, and there was no need to spray the screen protector and your fingers like some products I can think of *cough* invisible shield *cough* and with the provided squeegee I was able to line it up and get it perfectly in-line on my phone in one go. I have had it on there for four days now and it looks great. I wouldn't know it was there at all but for the camera cutout. Look no further when searching for screen protectors for your new iPhone 5, Tech Armor is the one you should be buying!!!"
- Terry


"I bought this screen protector because it was a less expensive alternative to other brands I had tried on my first gen Kindle Fire which I think are a little too thick. This is a great product. It's thin and light enough to adhere easily to the screen of the Kindle Fire HD without leaving bubbles, yet stiff enough to be able to apply without a lot of handling so you don't end up getting fingerprints all over it. It's a good fit for the screen and when it's on the device it's invisible enough that it doesn't get in the way of functionality or take anything away from the high def screen. I would order this again, but I probably won't need to because they're well made and there are 3 of them in the package. Highly recommended."
-Laurie Volkman

"I got them super fast and they were packaged very well. Everything was self explanatory and very easy to understand. They fit my Samsung Galaxy S3 (International) perfectly. They even covered up the menu and back buttons for bonus coverage. They are thin enough to not even notice and thick enough to offer protection and not fall apart during the application. I would recommend these to any Galaxy S3 owner or other screen protectors from this company for that matter."
-T. Cloudy

iPhone 5 Case Testimonials

"After reading many positive reviews, I decided to give this Tech Armor Case a try since it looked good and was very reasonably priced. This case is just the right thickness, not bulky but not extremely thin either. Doesn't feel like it added much weight to the phone. It makes the phone fit very well in my hand and I don't have the "I'm going to drop it" feeling. Cut outs for all the Lightening connecter, volume and power buttons were spot on. This case has a very good fit around my phone with a small lip around the top to protect the screen when placed face down. This frosted case does have a thin band of transparency around it. I thought that was a cool touch."
-M. Smith

iPhone_5S_Case"I had just purchased a new iPhone 5 and obviously wanted to keep it as new as possible, so I purchased this phone cover. It fits the phone PERFECT! It wraps around the front of the phone, which provides added protection. I have nephews under 2 and they have proved the endurance of this case time and time again! It has been dropped many, many times and the phone still works/looks great. I would HIGHLY recommend this cover to anyone with an iPhone 5!"

I thought that because the case was inexpensive it wasn't going to be as great as the ones in store...boy was I wrong!! This is any awesome beautiful case that I've goten many compliments on and it's sturdy. This product was better than described and I will be ordering my phone products from this seller from now on. Who needs the mall when you've got a reliable honest seller like this one??"
-Alden M.

Car/Wall Charger Testimonials

"I love the charger's dual ports. It arrived quickly and was in perfect condition. The color combination matches my room, what a bonus!"


"If you travel internationally or appreciate functional designs, then this charger is for you. It allows you to charge a tablet and a smartphone at the same time, and Tech Armor's horizontal design ensures your other sockets remain accessible. At first I hesitated to buy this unit because it doesn't gloat "UL certification," but I found a bunch of other certifications stamped on the bottom, so I doubt this matters. Besides, it comes with a 10 year warranty, and since the company is well established, they'd have to be crazy to offer such a warranty if the unit wasn't built well."

Customer Service Testimonials


"Not only does Tech Armor have a great product, they also have great customer service! When I first got my iPhone 5 Privacy Screen Protectors, I read the instructions wrong and kinda destroyed my screen protector. I emailed the customer service and they replied right away and sent me the replacement within a few days. Not only that, Tech Armor has a LIFETIME Warranty!!! I recommend Tech Armor to all my friends and they all love it!"

"The matte screen protectors were very nice. I had a hard time installing them the first time and I contacted Tech Armor. Let me tell you, it is the best customer service I have dealt with. Very fast and they even offered to replace mine because of the lifetime warranty. Would definitely buy from Tech Armor again and I encourage you to do the same. You won't be disappointed!"
-Pasha B.

"Let me say that when I hear the term Lifetime Warranty I usually assume there is a catch. However, having recently damaged my screen protector I opted to contact the seller and request a replacement expecting a run-around. To my surprise, I received 2 replacement screen protectors within 3 days of contacting Tech Armor. In the package, there was an apology letter and a contact sheet with information telling me to feel free to request other replacements should I need them. Talk about customer service I will not hesitate to purchase Tech Armor screen protectors for all of my future devices. Fantastic Company!"