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Tech Armor Spring Tips

Next up: Spring!

Let the fun and vacations (or vacation planning) ensue!

After the long, cold, winter weather, it’s (almost) time to go out and enjoy the fun and sun! Here are some Spring tips from Tech Armor!


Spring = cleaning


Ok, ok, we said fun but cleaning can be fun too (we hope)! Make no mistake, spring is definitely the season to declutter your space and devices too. For the tech-savvy, here are some tips to get you started:


Spring = bonding…or Spring Break

Now as promised: for the more fun side!


With so many activities and adventures you can do, it’s best to have a checklist (or maybe even a bucket list) to slowly tick off everything you want to do! A list you can check out is from RealSimple with some ideas already of activities you can do!


For family fun time: you can try camping, or go to the beach or even miniature golfing!


And for those in college who want to travel on their Spring Break, you can try going to Las Vegas, Disney World or even the Caribbean without breaking your bank! Or you can take a quick trip to Europe or gor for a cruise trip that’s within your budget.

Just a few quick travel tips: download offline maps (just in case there’s no service in the area), translator (if travelling overseas) and flight tracker (you never know when and even how long your flight might get delayed!)


And last but not the least: best to check out TSA’s list of do’s and don’t for a safe and easy travel.


Let Spring begin!!!


As you get ready for your adventure time, don’t forget to protect your devices! Tech Armor has you covered. Like our motto says: “You Play, We Protect!” Head on over to our website or Amazon Storefront Page for all the device accessories that you need to conquer Spring!


From the iPhone X to the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus…we’ve got it covered!


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Mobile World Congress 2018: Recap

Mobile World Congress 2018: Recap

A lot sure happened!

Barcelona was packed with innovations and new technologies last week! One of the biggest highlights was the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus launched which we already shared here. Now, let’s go head on with the rest of the highlights from this year’s Mobile World Congress!

Let’s start with new devices!


As promised last CES, Alcatel launched several handsets namely the Alcatel 5, Alcatel 3V, Alcatel 3C, Alcatel 3X, Alcatel 3, Alcatel 1X, Alcatel 1C—all having the 18:9 display ratio. The Alcatel 1X was the first Android Go phone to be released on Google’s “Android Go” Platform. That’s not all, they also released tablets the Alcatel 1T 7 which has a 7-inch display and the 1T 10 which has a 10-in display.


LG got into the game with the release of the LG V30S ThinQ and V30S ThinQ Plus. Externally, they are a lot similar to their predecessors with the 6-inch Full Vision Display.

They do get AI camera upgrades like QLens that does visual image searches on Amazon or Pinterest. And the AI Cam that offers the ideal camera settings for a photo based on image recognition.


Hold on… did we just see the LG G7 lurking around in the event? Even Evan Blass took notice of the blog that shows a hands-on with the device.


Sony also came to the scene with the Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact. Steering away from its usual design, they came with a more modern look better camera and audio. Quite identical except for the display and battery. The former having a 5.7-in Full HD+ screen and the latter with 5-in.

ZTE did not come empty handed and released the Blade V9, Blade V9 Vita and the Tempo Go— their Android Go phone offering.


Nokia is also joining the no headphone jack scene with is Nokia 8 Sirocco with a 5.5-in OLED display. This was launched alongside mid-tier Nokia 7 and 7 Plus and a refreshed 6-in LCD display Nokia 6.


5G coming in fast folks! Phone carriers Sprint, Verizon and AT&T showcased their plans on how they’ll roll out as early as late 2018 to 2019. With other phone carriers to follow hopefully by 2020.


Of course congrats to the GLOMO (GSMA’s Global Mobile) Awards Winners!


Apple (though a no show in the event) won Best Smartphone 2017 and Disruptive Device Innovation Award. While Samsung Won Best Mobile Innovation for Payment and Best Mobile VR or AR.


Surprisingly, Huawei bagged a lot of awards with Best Mobile Network Infrastructure, Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough (along with Sprint and Airspan), Best Network Software Breakthrough, Outstanding Mobile Technology Award- The CTO’s Choice, Best Mobile Innovation for Smart Cities, Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets, The Green Mobile Award and the Outstanding Contribution to the Mobile Industry.


Wow, that’s a lot to take in… lots of new devices and a lot of possible phone falls in


No worries! Tech Armor will always have you covered!


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Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Officially Announced!

Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus: Officially Announced!


The Mobile World Congress started off with a bang as Samsung launched their Galaxy S9 and S9 PlusLet’s dive in with some initial reviews and features!


What’s new?


Let’s go first with their tagline: Camera ReimaginedImproved camera features include the super slow-mo that captures 960 frames per second. They went further by offering automatic Motion Detection that lets the phone start recording when it senses the movement.

They also have the AR Emoji (we’re guessing their answer to Apple’s Animojis) where you take a selfie and the phone will transform you into an emoji. You can change its mood and background that you can practically send to anyone.  Plus, they’ve added an Intelligent scan which is combining the Iris Scanner and Face Scanner so the phone will automatically have 2 ways of unlocking with you just looking at it (a response as well to Apple’s Face ID). Though CNET notes it’s not secure enough for mobile payments yet.


Now focusing at the back of the devices, you could also immediately see the fingerprint scanner placed below the camerathe singular camera for the S9 and the dual-camera for the S9 Plus.  

Samsung also gave the devices a form of surround sound audio with one of the microphones acting as second speaker. Trustedreviews goes on record saying it’s in the running to be the best phone of 2018.


What stayed from the previous Galaxy models?


The Infinity Display with the Galaxy S9 still boasts a 5.8-in screen and a 6.2-in for the Galaxy S9 Plus like their predecessors. Also the same: an 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen. Headphone jack lovers rejoice: it’s still on both of the flagship devices, which is also definitely approved by CNET. Another approval is the IP68 water resistance for both phones.


There’s also the formal and fun colors for both devices namely: Lilac Purple, Coral Blue, Midnight Black and Titanium Gray. The first 3 will be available in the US.


Ok, I’m sold! Now, how do I get the phone?


You can get yours by pre-ordering on Samsung’s website, but be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. The Galaxy S9 costs $719.99, while the Galaxy S9 Plus starts at $839.99. If you pre-ordered through the Shop Samsung App from March 2-5, you’ll get a guarantee delivery of March 14, however the global release is set at March 16.

Plus, the Verge also found other ways and places you can buy your phone like Best Buy. Read through their choices and pick the best one for you!


Hold on, how much is the phone again?


We know it’s quite pricey (no way to go but up as they say). But don’t worry as we’ve got your screen covered!


We’re back with our 3D-Curved Edge Ballistic Glass Case-Friendly Screen Protectors for both devices! You can also opt for our Wet-Applied Thermoplastic Film Curved Edge Display Coverage!

As promised, Tech Armor will always have your back!!!


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What’s New From LG? News on the LG G7?

What’s New From LG? News on the LG G7?

Major revamp coming for an LG device!

Apple and Samsung are having a field day (or month really) with rumors and new releases, but we haven’t  forgotten about LG! There may be a lot that you’ve missed: we’ve got some info to help you get started!


What will we see in MWC?


LG released a statement they’ll be releasing improved versions of their K8 AND K10 smartphones. It will be released in regions such as Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. And in three colors: Aurora Black, Moroccan Blue and Terra Gold.

Improvements on the phones are focused on the camera features with the K10 having an out-focus feature while the K8 showcasing an improved low light shot feature. Both devices will run on Android Nougat.


We’ll also be getting an advanced LG V30 version adding Vision AI to the mix. It can scan QR codes and perform image searches to name a few. And you’d also get new voice commands for Google Assistant.


For the name, what’s going around the rumor mill so far is: V30S and V30+‘α. It’s reported to officially launch on March 8 or 9 in South Korea so safe to say the rest of the world to follow  some time after.


Right now you might be asking: how about the LG G7?


This Korean tech-giant hasn’t been having the best of luck in the smartphone industry. They’ve decided to unveil new smartphones when needed unlike before in a yearly manner.


But don’t lose hope yet! There have been recent reports that they are working on a new phone codenamed “Judy” which may be the revamped LG G7. Leaker Evan Blass has said the device will have new hardware, 6.1-inch, 18:9 Vision display and will be using an MLCD+ panel. Target release is June 2018.


Other updates:


The LG G6 and LGV30 will be getting the Android 8.1 Oreo update soon. (Which we also have protected!)

(We’ve got LG G6 armed!)

(Of course the LG V30 too!)


This tech-giant is expected to release 5G phones, in 2019 with Qualcomm X50 modem.

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What’s New From Apple? iOS 11.3, New Models and More!

What’s New From Apple? iOS 11.3, New Models and More!

They sure have been busy!

We’re still just in February and we’ve got a lot of announcements from Apple! (and a few more rumors too) 😉


What have they been up to?


The tech giant released a second iOS 11.3 beta with new updates like a few more animojis. Here are a couple! 🙂



Plus, you can choose to get all your messages synced in all your macOS and iOS devices by storing it and encrypting it on iCloud. The official iOS version is expected to be released sometime this Spring.


But starting now you can get your device ready for the new update with some info from GottaBeMobile. A few tips they provide are clearing some device storage for the new update and keeping your device charged to start the installation process (we can help out with that last one).


Speaking of charge, a lot of Apple fans are pretty upset that the tech giant DOES secretly throttle with its older iPhones. In the new iOS they’re trying to address the situation in the battery settings section.

And Apple is giving the option of buying a new battery at $29 (from the original $79 price). If you choose the latter, it’s reported there’s now a shortened time period for getting the battery replacements.


There’s also talks about being on team Touch ID and team Face ID.  Both has its pros and cons (from the looks of it, Face ID is the future for Apple), so it’s just a matter of what your cup of tea is…for now.

If you’re trying to save a few bucks but want a great iPhone, Apple’s now selling refurbished iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices and at a great steal according to the Business Insider.


You can pair that too with refurbished Apple Watch Series 3. It’s also Apple certified like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus so not much to worry on the quality.


Of course how can we forget: the Apple HomePod is here! It got some hits like Siri’s quick response to your commands and always has your music requests covered plus 360 degree room filling sound.


And some misses too like limited commands you can give Siri unlike with Amazon’s Alexa. The HomePod also leaves marks on wood furniture which can be caused by reaction of the silicone base and the surface table.


What could be next?


Even this early, everyone’s already excited with the next batch of iPhones! It’s been previously rumored that there’ll be 3 iPhones launched this year.

What we can add right now for that is the next batch might have smaller notches. Apple is currently trying to adjust the TrueDepth Camera to make it happen.

Most talks in the rumor mill currently are for the iPhone X SE or also known as the budget friendly edition version. Rumor has it that model will replace the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and sell a total of 100 million units according to Ming-Chi Kuo. And the price can be as low as $699


We also have a few info for the upcoming iPad Pro. Its new design would mostly be based on the iPhone X. Don’t worry about the notch part— reportedly none would be in the tablet. We’ll probably get to see the new iPad Pros this summer.


Wow, not sure which one to pick!


Whichever you choose, Tech Armor will always have you covered! We’ve got everything you need to keep all your Apple devices safe from drops and scratches!  That’s not all, we’ve got the perfect accessories to pair your phone or tablet with! Check out our Apple Lightning Earbuds, Car Mounts, Powerbanks and Apple MFi Certified Cables.


So you can continue playing, while we do the protecting! 😉


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Samsung Galaxy S9 Launch Rumors

Galaxy S9 and S9+: talks on the rumor mill

Ready for the next Samsung flagship phone?

Just a few weeks away before we get to see Samsung’s new Galaxy phone! What new features might we find in the devices?


First off, what’s confirmed:


The Galaxy S9 and S9+ will officially be launched on February 25 at 12 pm EST during the Mobile World Congress In Barcelona, Spain.

Now what’s the latest in the rumor mill?


Screen and display size will be similar to the Galaxy S8 and S8+. The S9 will have a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED display with 2960 x 1440 resolution. While the Galaxy S9+ is expected with a 6.2-inch Super AMOLED display with 2960 x1 440 resolution as well.


For those who love the 3.5mm headphone jack, the Korean giant will keep the feature stay on it next flagship phones.


What will be new is it will use the Qualcomm 845 chip for the US version of the devices. The global version will use Samsung’s Exynos processors.


Bixby 2.0, their AI may also say hello starting with the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Plus Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh confirmed that all its devices will support it by 2020.


If Apple has the Face ID, Samsung will reportedly include the Intelligent Scan feature which combines the Iris and Face Recognition to improve the security of face unlock.


While leaker Evan Blass reveals the phones come in Lilac Purple and Coral Blue.

They will also be the first to have a super slow-mo feature and in different modes. The first will start when you tap the shutter button. The other would still require you to tap the button but recording starts when the phone detects a movement.


Now going to the cameras, only the Galaxy S9+ will have dual-rear cameras.

And with the release just days away, someone even leaked the box for the Galaxy S9:

Plus the publicity materials have been leaked too (most probably referring to the camera features)!!!

After the launch, preorder will reportedly start March 1 and shipping will be by March 16.


I think I’m ready to buy!!!


Well, get your wallets ready as its expected to be more expensive than the S8 and S8+. ETNews estimates the S9 may cost around $800-$850. While Time Magazine is going to as high as $999.


Hold on… these prices are insane!!!


We totally understand where you’re coming from. That’s why Tech Armor makes sure you still get the best protection for your devices at a fraction of a flagship price!


From the Galaxy S8/S8+, the Note 8 and of course the iPhone X— we’ve got everything you need to arm these devices! Rest assured, you can get your hands on premium Ballistic Glass screen protectors for the Galaxy S9 and S9 + from Tech Armor.


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Rumored iPhone Models for 2018

The latest rumors on the next iPhones: yes, not just one (or two)!

How many new iPhones will Apple launch?

It’s been just months since the iPhone X was launched and they’re already rumors about the next batch of phones!

Rise of the new design

So far, the rumor mill is going for 3 or at most 4 iPhones being released by Apple this year. There’s still no clear names so for now, let’s go with:

Of the 4 phones, the iPhone SE 2 is the most uncertain if it sees the light of day this 2018. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo report that should this push through, we’ll mostly just see internal updates like a faster processor.  If ever, a hardware change that we might see is a glass back for wireless charging like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. And its release can be as early as May or June 2018.

The main reason is the California tech-giant’s focus is on the 3 other models to avoid last year’s shipment delay concerns. The iPhone X (2nd gen), iPhone X Plus and iPhone X SE are expected to be launched on September, Apple’s usual cycle on their smartphones.

We might have to say goodbye to the Touch ID as these 3 phones are said to feature the Face ID as they will be equipped with the TruDepth camera system.  The iPhone X (2nd gen) and iPhone X Plus will have 4GB of RAM and made with Stainless Steel Frame Material.


The iPhone X SE will represent the affordable version of the 3, having an aluminum frame material, single lens camera and uses LCD display. But LCD display that’ll be used may only require ultra-slim 0.5mm bezels on all sides!


Excited to see the new phones?! (But not really about the rising price…)

The prices are pretty wallet-denting (with the iPhone X at the $1,000 price range), but on the bright side, you don’t have to pay a flagship price for the best protection for your devices! As promised, Tech Armor will always be here to help you out!


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Super Bowl LII Party Tips

Super Bowl LII Party Tips

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year for NFL fans… Super Bowl!!! Will Tom Brady and the New England Patriots continue their NFL dominance or can the Philadelphia Eagles FINALLY get that elusive ring? This is sure to be exciting.

Finalizing your party plans or gearing up for your trip to Minnesota for the game (lucky you by the way!)? None of the above cause you have to go to work? 🙁

We have that all covered below!

Getting Ready

Having a Checklist helps! You can see this one for ideas. Or create your own to make sure everything is set! (Special shoutout to those going to the game)

Food (and drinks) at the party are as important as the game! Whip up amazing and easy to prepare food like Cool Ranch Snack Mix or Mini Nacho Pizzas! Chicken wings are definitely a must and here’s a useful life hack: you can evenly coat them using a salad spinner!


Or to have a more football vibe feeling, you can make some Frozen Footballs or Turkey and Avocado Onigiri Footballs! You can view the recipes on your iPad while cooking to keep track. It’s best to protect the screen from smudges while cooking with our Ballistic Glass Screen Protector– the oleophobic coating helps prevent greasy fingerprints. Here’s another useful tip: the Suction Cup Universal Magnetic Car Mount can also stick right to your countertop to prop up your phone or laptop. This will give you an excellent hands-free view of any recipes or a great stand for streaming the game live!


For the drinks, Costco is a great place to save some money, plus maybe get lots of variety for the party. You may be able to buy even without a membership.


Game On

Where to watch? Lots of online TV streaming services in the US offer NBC Sports so you can start there.  NBC will also have a live streaming on their website and on their Sports App for free.


For those at work, the app can really be helpful! Arm your smartphone with a privacy screen protector so you can watch discreetly (we suggest the 4-way Privacy for maximum invisibility)… just try to keep the cheers to a minimum. Want to watch on a bigger screen at work? We have privacy screen protectors for the Macbooks too. 😉


The game can get intense so it’ll be great to have party games as a stress-buster! You can play Charades… on your phone! It’s easy to play and even make your own list. A case and screen protector for your phone may come in handy especially how the game’s played.

After The Verdict

When it’s time for your guests to leave, make sure your Designated Driver is sober for the ride. To keep them company, they can have some tunes while driving. A Tech Armor car charger and car mount can help them out here.


For those in Minnesota, you can eat their popular Juicy Lucy or have some Walleye… great for celebratory or maybe comfort food… Then get a beer or two and chicken wings from one of their Sports Bars like Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room or Iron Door Pub. It’s best to keep a power bank with you so your phone doesn’t die out!


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CES 2018 Highlights

CES 2018: New tech on the rise

We got lots of surprises (plus a blackout) this year!

After the holidays we’re treated to the annual tech convention in Los Vegas. The bright, shining glimpse into the future of tech that is CES 2018! Big and small game players gathered for another interesting year! Let’s see… what happened?

Smartphone announcements at CES 2018

To start things off, Samsung debuted their mid-range A series. It’s a budget-friendly version of the Galaxy S8 with its infinity display but lower specs. The fingerprint scanner is adjusted to below the camera (hopefully avoiding camera smudges). The series is for worldwide release but no official date yet.

Sony came into CES 2018 full force announcing 3 smartphones during the event. Unveiled were Xperia XA2, Xperia XA2 Ultra and Xperia L2. New feature that all 3 would have is the fingerprint sensor.  

Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Mate 10 Pro Porsche Design versions are coming to the US! Pre-orders will start on February 4. We also caught a glimpse of the new Alcatel 5, 3 and 1 series. More info on that would be released hopefully by the Mobile World Congress.

Blackberry announced that we’ll get to see the Blackberry Motion in the US, while Asus revealed lots of new tech including the Asus ZenFone Max Plus; a first for the Zenfone line to have the Face Unlock feature. (Price off-contract is $229).

The greatest highlight for the mobile industry was the under-glass fingerprint sensor. The tech comes from Synaptics and was placed on a Vivo phone. Synaptics announced that they are now manufacturing it for public use , so we can expect to see this tech in a lot of future phones that use the OLED display.

Upgrade to laptops and TVs


Could your smartphone double as your laptop’s touchpad? Now there’s a huge possibility. Razer’s Project Linda showed just that by connecting the phone to a laptop shell with USB Type-C. Then Acer put in its bid to win the “world’s thinnest laptop” at 8.98 mm thin with its Swift 7.

From thinnest, now going to the largest. Samsung’s “The Wall” is a 146-in diagonal display TV that definitely attracted lots of attention and LG did not hold back in the TV game with its rollable (yes, like paper rollable) 65-inch 4K OLED television.


Other events

CES trended for a lot of notable reasons. And maybe one-not-so-good reason: #CESblackout. It got dark real fast and real quick and took a few hours to get everything back on track. CES released a statement that the electronic outage was due to heavy rainfall that short circuited one of the event’s transformers.


Google also went all out in pushing its Google Assistant in this year’s CES. Safe to say it was literally everywhere: partnering with third party hardware to a big booth on the event grounds.

It’s just the start of the year and loads of announcements have been made!


Tech Armor will always have your back as new tech arises! We’ll keep you on track with all the reveals… plus keep them protected too. 😉 Head on over to our Amazon Store Front Page or to our website main page to get you started!

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Rumored Mobile Devices for 2018

Rumored Mobile Devices for 2018

Lots to expect this year folks!

2018 has just begun but rumors are starting to pile up from top mobile device manufacturers! What awesome gadgets can we expect this year? Read on for the rundown!





The iPhone X was most probably the design refresh everyone was waiting for from the tech giant. This year, we might be seeing 3 versions of that.  Aside from the 5.8-inch screen we’ve seen. There’ll be an iPhone X Plus that can be 6.2-6.5-inches. The third will be a refresh of the iPhone SE with 6.1-inches. Speaking of the iPhone SE2, it may also have wireless charging feature.



The iPad Pros may have less bezels this year with the Touch ID removed in favor of the Face ID. And we might get to see it this summer. There will also be a next gen to the budget-friendly “iPad”… and could become even cheaper at $259 from last year’s $329. Expected release is first half of this year.


Apple Watch

We can also say hello to a different version of the Apple Watch with its design upgrade.  Its launch will be alongside the iPhone in September.



Galaxy S9 and S9+


It’s safe to say 2017 was the year of redemption for Samsung after the whole Note 7 debacle. And it delivered! What will they have in store this year? So far one of the good news rumors for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ is the fingerprint scanner is moved to the center, to avoid smudging the camera. Another is it’ll have a super slow-motion video feature.

The new devices could launch either February or March. Rumors suggest we may get to see the smartphones for the first time at the Mobile World Congress or on Samsung’s own event just like last year’s “Unpacked”.


Note 9


The Galaxy Note 9 may just have what the iPhone X doesn’t— in-screen fingerprint scanner. Other than that it’ll also have it’s own version of facial scanning. This device is rumored to be launched either on August or September.


The company is currently working on 3 phones this year with code names Crosshatch, Albacore and Blueline. One of the three-phones will be a budget-friendly version one similar to the old Nexus phones. While it’s high-end is targeted to compete with the iPhone X. Despite having different screen sizes, it’ll all be powered with the Snapdragon 845.

These devices will reportedly be launched in October.



LG G7 will be released with a different name as LG is rumored to let go of the G branding. A new feature reportedly coming to the device is its own version of the iris scanner.  The new flagship device is rumored to launch this February




The OnePlus 6 will reportedly go for a better facial recognition feature. Similar to the iPhone X. While it will most likely have the same design of edge-to-edge screen as its predecessors. The new flagship phone will reportedly be out on June.

Bonus: Honor 7X and Honor View 10


Both the Honor 7X and Honor View 10 are confirmed to be released in the USA sometime this year. The Honor 7X has an 18:9 aspect ratio and a headphone jack to name a few specs.

The Honor View 10 has a 16MP camera and 3750mAh battery. You can get the Honor 7X for $199 while Honor View 10 will cost under $500. Honor is a brand under Huawei.

Whoa… Lots in store for 2018!


And that may be just the tip of the iceberg folks! Don’t worry as we’ll always have you updated! Of course your devices will be protected too! Head on to the Tech Armor website or our Amazon Storefront for the latest!


We promise you can keep on playing, while we protect! 😉


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